3 Important Flossing Tips

tipshelpfulIs there something about flossing your teeth that you really don’t like – but you know it’s an essential aspect of your dental hygiene session? Do you think you might be able to do a better job with your dental floss but you really aren’t sure how to improve what you have been doing for so long? Fortunately, we are prepared to offer a few surprisingly helpful tips to get your smile its cleanest, while you enjoy the process.

Tip #1: Use 18 Inches Of Floss

If you are using any less than 18 inches of floss, chances are good you’re becoming frustrated. This is because you need to use a fresh segment of floss every time you move to the next pair of teeth. If you use the same portion for two spaces, you may transfer plaque and debris from place to place rather than thoroughly cleaning your smile. Use a strand that measures around a foot and a half and you’ll be in good shape.

Tip #2: Wrap The Floss

First things first, it’s important that you wrap the dental floss around your middle fingers. As a result, you can make it through your dental hygiene session without your fingertips going numb. Then, to relieve the tension from your middle fingers, we suggest you use your thumbs and your index fingers to position and move the floss throughout your mouth as you go.

Tip #3: Bend The Floss

An essential tip for effective flossing is to make sure you bend your dental floss. When we say this, we mean you need to gently curve the floss to the side around the tooth border – then, do the same thing to the neighboring tooth. This ensures the floss is flush against your tooth. As you drag the floss along the tooth border, you will remove plaque build-up for effective dental hygiene.