Check In On Your Brushing

toothbrushandpasteDo you assume that you are doing a wonderful job with your daily brushing? Have you suddenly wondered whether you’re doing everything right or if there is some part of your dental hygiene that you might improve? The good news is that checking in on your brushing is quite simple. Look over some guidelines to determine whether you have been following them or if you need to make a change or two to your daily brushing sessions. It’s that easy.

Use The Correct Brush

To brush your best, you need to use the right type of brush. This does not include anything fancy or complicated. You just need to remember a couple things for a brush that works for your smile. First, make sure that you choose a brush that you can place in your mouth without strain – if the brush is too big, you won’t have a successful cleaning experience. Second, the brush must have soft bristles – anything harder can damage your enamel and gum tissue.

Brush All Tooth Surfaces

Don’t just brush the tooth surfaces that you can see, so your smile looks healthy. Don’t simply brush your chewing surfaces because you think they are the most vulnerable to tooth decay. Instead, practice your best dental hygiene by brushing all tooth surfaces, so you thoroughly remove plaque.

Make The Session Count

If you are going to brush, make sure your dental hygiene session counts. Quickly brushing your teeth may not do much for plaque removal, making the experience counterproductive. For effective care, brush for two minutes each time you clean your smile. Do yourself a favor and focus while you brush, so you don’t miss anything.