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Invisalign For 2017? Why Not?

Are you wondering when you will finally get the motivation to go ahead with your plan for receiving Invisalign treatment to straighten your smile? We understand that the best laid plans often take quite a while to establish, which is why we encourage you to talk with us. Making big choices, such as choosing orthodontic care,… Read more »

5 Ways To Avoid Decay

Do you have some strong feelings about decay? Do you experience these feelings because you know that tooth decay is something you can easily avoid if only you make the most of your opportunity for practicing preventive care? Good news: You’re onto something! As long as you’re updated on the basics, keeping cavities from forming is… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Exploring The Option

Maybe you are sitting at home, staring at your smile in the mirror, wondering if you make a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. Perhaps you’re curious if your misalignment concerns are either too severe or way too mild for this clear aligner tray system (which makes you feel nervous about contacting our practice). What if… Read more »

Gingivitis: Quiz Yourself

It’s not a surprising moment when we speak with a patient who knows a lot about tooth decay and all things cavity-related but who knows next to nothing about gingivitis. Do you know much about gum disease? Even if you don’t feel very educated yet, don’t worry, it’s something that we can quickly tell you… Read more »

If Your Teeth Are Sensitive, You Should…

Are you tired of dealing with sensitive teeth? Are you feeling extremely frustrated because you take care of your teeth but your smile feels anything but healthy and comfortable? Don’t stress over this one – sensitivity is a common factor that is generally quite easy to address. Whether it’s a sign that you need restorative… Read more »

Who And What Does Sleep Apnea Hurt?

Are you under the impression that seeking sleep apnea treatment is something that will improve your life – but it doesn’t have much to do with anyone or anything else? This is a common tale. Patients often fail to realize that the effects of sleep apnea tend to radiate out quite far, affecting other individuals… Read more »

Why Do We Need General Dentistry?

Do you brush and floss your teeth every day? If you do, then you may not understand the importance of general dentistry. After all, why see the dentist for a checkup and cleaning if you take care of your teeth from home? Why do we need general dentistry? The fact is, general dental care is… Read more »

Risks and Risk Factors of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Not all sleep disorders are obvious to the one who experiences them. For instance, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can deprive you of deep, restful sleep even if you don’t realize what’s happening. What typically hints at the condition is the loud, distinct snoring pattern that often marks its presence. Yet, patients who are not disturbed… Read more »

3 Reasons To Treat Sleep Apnea

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, as many as 22 million American live with obstructive sleep apnea. Even more unsettling, as many as 80% of those people have moderate or severe sleep apnea that is undiagnosed (and, as a result, untreated). Since current research strongly suggests a close link between untreated sleep apnea and… Read more »

Could Bruxism Be Affecting You?

Bruxism is another name for chronic tooth grinding. Since this condition often happens during sleep, people with bruxism may not be aware of the habit unless a dentist notices signs of stress and wear on the teeth. Bruxism is also a contributing factor to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and may be discovered as… Read more »