Fact Versus Fiction: About Your Brushing

factorfictionIf we were to quiz you over your brushing habits and how they relate to your oral health, do you think you would pass with flying colors? Would you be able to tell us about the subtle details that separate “okay” brushing from exceptional brushing? When you feel uncertain about dental hygiene, you may end up underperforming. To ensure you’re getting the job done successfully, we invite you to make your way through a quick fact-or-fiction session!

Fact or Fiction?

  1. Fact Or Fiction: It’s entirely fine to focus on brushing the part of your smile that is visible to everyone. As long as your smile looks clean, you’re doing a good job with your oral health.
  2. Fact Or Fiction: When you brush your teeth, you should try to find the biggest toothbrush head you can find for more effective cleaning.
  3. Fact Or Fiction: You should brush with as much force as you can for as long as possible to keep your oral health in wonderful shape.


  1. Fiction. Keeping your smile looking beautiful is just a natural side effect of maintaining it. However, if you’re only brushing the visible part, you’re leaving the rest of your smile vulnerable to hygiene-related problems like cavities, gum disease, and more.
  2. Fiction. It doesn’t matter so much if the head of your toothbrush is big or small. What matters is that it fits inside your mouth comfortably, so you are able to remove an optimal amount of plaque by hitting each surface of each tooth.
  3. Fiction. You should brush for only two-minute sessions, applying gentle pressure (as little as possible, in fact), to keep your oral health safe.