If Your Teeth Are Sensitive, You Should…

womancoveringmouthbangsAre you tired of dealing with sensitive teeth? Are you feeling extremely frustrated because you take care of your teeth but your smile feels anything but healthy and comfortable? Don’t stress over this one – sensitivity is a common factor that is generally quite easy to address. Whether it’s a sign that you need restorative care or if you just need to tweak your habits a bit, regaining comfort is something we can help you with!

Come In For A Visit

When your teeth hurt or you experience sensitive teeth, it is always wise to come in for a dental visit. Whether we find decay or another issue or simply discover that you need to alter your dental hygiene routine, it’s best to receive our professional assistance. As a result, you can more efficiently arrive at an answer and solution.

Ease Up On The Brushing

Sometimes you’re not dealing with any type of tooth decay or infection – you’re just brushing too hard. We understand that you might feel like brushing harder and with more intensity may seem like the logical approach. However, it’s actually best to proceed with gentle strokes. Brushing too hard can damage your gums and cause sensitivity.

Use Different Toothpaste

You might need to switch to another toothpaste if you are dealing with sensitive teeth. This is not because there is anything wrong with your current paste (unless, of course, you are using abrasive toothpaste, which is a dental no-no). What you need is to try a toothpaste formulated for desensitizing. Look for something that says it’s for “sensitivity” – it will reduce this sensation with continued use, so your smile feels good again. Not sure what to purchase? Just ask.