5 Ways To Avoid Decay

5silverDo you have some strong feelings about decay? Do you experience these feelings because you know that tooth decay is something you can easily avoid if only you make the most of your opportunity for practicing preventive care? Good news: You’re onto something! As long as you’re updated on the basics, keeping cavities from forming is quite straightforward. Let us help you with some simple guidelines.

#1: Brush Twice A Day

If you want to avoid tooth decay, you need to remove plaque from your smile as consistently as possible. Why? Plaque will harden within 24 hours or a bit longer. At this point, it won’t budge even if you brush as hard as you can. Keep this from happening by brushing gently for two minutes, two times daily.

#2: Floss Once A Day

That plaque will harden between teeth and under your gumline, too. Floss your smile daily to avoid this problem, while preventing decay (and gum disease, too).

#3: Schedule Your Visits (And Show Up For Them)

It’s true that your brushing and flossing habits contribute significantly to the health of your teeth and the prevention of tooth decay. However, you can’t keep 100 percent of it off of your smile. This is why you need to remain very committed to cleanings (and checkups).

#4: Skip The Sugar

Sugar can increase the likelihood of developing tooth decay. As a result, we say skip it or at least remember to rinse your teeth off afterwards (and then brush).

#5: Go With Water

Water helps neutralize the acids in your mouth, rinses away bacteria, and is good for keeping you hydrated. Reach for it over other options as often as possible.