Get Ready for Life After a Dental Bridge

Whether you’ve been dealing with tooth loss for sometime, or if you’ve just recently suffered tooth loss, it’s time to change your situation. Tooth loss is a painful experience that comes with plenty of fallout. However, you don’t need to continue suffering. Working with your dentist, you can choose a prosthetic dental option that allows you to recover from tooth loss. Dental bridges are perfect for those that have lost multiple teeth in sequence. It’s time to end your troubles and get ready for a life after a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges Repair the Esthetic and Function of Your Original Teeth

Dental bridges offer a comprehensive replacement for missing teeth. Your dental bridge will be custom-made to fit the exact specifications of your mouth. That means your replacement teeth will fit comfortably alongside your healthy teeth. You’ll feel more comfortable smiling with a full set of teeth. Plus, eating will become much easier, without gaps in your teeth.

How Are Dental Bridges Fabricated?

Dental bridges are created using measurements taken of your mouth. Your dentist will create a series of “pontics,” which are life-like replacements for your missing teeth. This will be fixed to dental crowns on either end, and the crowns will fit over your healthy teeth. This way, the bridge can be removed if maintenance is necessary.

Replace Missing Teeth to Prevent More Issues

Beyond the pain and psychological struggle that tooth loss creates, there are some additional, long-term oral health concerns. When you lose teeth, your remaining teeth can shift over time. This creates an uneven bite, which can cause extra wear on the teeth that you do have remaining. Plus, missing teeth leave your gums exposed to bacterial buildup which can lead to gum disease.

Are You Ready for a Dental Bridge?

If you’re tired of suffering from tooth loss and you want to move on, Elm Creek Dental is ready to help. Dr. Carter will evaluate your tooth loss and prescribe a prosthetic solution for you. A dental bridge can help you get back to smiling and enjoying food. To make your appointment for a consultation, contact Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.