Q&A: Biting Your Fingernails

nailbitingbluesweaterAre you a nail biter? Do you tend to hide your hands when you’re around others because you nibble on your nails chronically? While it’s certainly something that can cause your hands to look less attractive than you would prefer, did you know it might negatively affect your health, as well? In fact, chewing on fingernails can lead to significant oral health problems! Fortunately, you can learn more about what to do (and why you should kick the habit) with our Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it true that biting my nails can lead to serious problems for my oral health?

Answer: Yes, this is accurate. Biting down on the hard texture of your nails and working your teeth overtime can cause a variety of issues, from teeth that crack or chip to worn surfaces, problems with your jaw joint function, and even bruxism issues.

Question: Can you help me figure out ways to protect my oral health if I’m a nail biter?

Answer: Of course. We encourage you to come in for a visit or to mention this problem during your next appointment. We can examine your smile to see if any damage has occurred, and offer solutions for the biting and any existing injury that requires repair.

Question: Can nail biting really affect dental work that’s already in place?

Answer: It really can. Think about the following: If you have received dental bonding, it can crack or chip. If you have received veneers, they may become damaged. If you try to bite your nails with Invisalign trays in place, you may damage the trays. Talk with us, so we can help you protect your smile.