Early Treatment For Receding Gums

Coffee Maple Grove MNThere are multiple reasons as to why your gum tissue will begin to pull back from its proper connection to your tooth. This can include improper brushing techniques, or as a result of infection and inflammation of this material. This is a very common condition, with a little under half of all adults over the age of thirty in the United States reporting some level of this.

But our gums provide a valuable barrier between the outside world and our circulatory system. When they pull back, they can expose the roots of your teeth, leaving these structures susceptible to infection themselves. So if you have noticed a change in the location of your gumline, now is the time to act. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist writes about some ways to stave off further development of peridontal disease. And if surgery is the best solution for you, why this decision is simple, yet can save you hours in future headaches!

Catch This As Soon As Possible

One of the most important things you can do in the field of dentistry is to be proactive and to address concerns as soon as you notice them. Too often people allow issues to develop because they imagine the trip to the dentist to be unappealing. In the end, they still wind up in a dental operating chair, but with worse results due to the wait.

If you begin to treat this condition when you first begin to see a change, you may be able to avoid surgical treatment. There are many over the counter and natural remedies that may help you. As the effectiveness of many of these are undocumented, however, make sure to take their use in addition to traditional medicine.

There simply is no better prevention than appropriate brushing and flossing. If you are still noticing this issue despite an appropriate oral health hygiene routine, discuss it with your trained oral health care professional. They might be able to notice any way that you are falling short in your approach. Don’t take this advice as an insult, it is intended to help you!

Solutions In Our Office

If you continue to struggle with the development of your periodontal disease, a surgical solution might be best. There are a few different ways that periodontists can restore a damaged gumline.

The first is called a pinhole procedure. With any surgery, the first step is the removal of infected tissue at the site. Then with this method, a hook is used to stretch your natural gum up to a healthy level. Your periodontist will then attach the tissue to the site. If you need more material than is available at that location then a secondary site may be necessary. This is usually taken from the roof of the mouth or the soft palate. Each method requires about a week’s worth of recovery including a soft diet, but you sould be able to resume normal activities nearly immediately.

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