Tooth Loss Doesn’t Have To Set You Back

Senior Maple Grove MNIf you are looking at the prospect of a tooth extraction surgery, you might feel a little down about the idea. After all, losing an adult tooth is rarely a positive sign for our health. But this can often be a necessary step in the progression of your health, and save you from the concern of dangerous bacterial growth.

Our options today at helping you restore your smile to full functionality and appearance are stronger than ever, and built to improve over time. With some methods of traditional reconstructive maneuvers, daily wear can instantly put a clock on the durability of a prosthetic. But with the use of a threaded titanium post, the procedure actually becomes stronger with age. Due to a process known as osseointergration, our immune system protects this metal as if it were part of our own body! Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist writes about some of the ways a dental implant procedure may help you get back on top of your oral health goals!

A Strong Future

One of the best benefits of an implant replacement procedure is that it is designed with the future in mind. The basis for this amazing ability comes through the use of a very unique metal. This material, titanium, interacts with the body in a way that other metals do not.

Due to its specific chemical makeup, our immune system accepts these threaded posts as a piece of our own genetic material. Instead of viewing this as a foreign object, the body grows with and even protects your new implant. Bone grows tight to the bone matter, allowing for a secure post that can be used to hold a dental prosthetic.

Versatility Is Strength

Many different forms of dental prosthetic can be attached to fit your specific smile needs. Molars can be replaced just as simply as our canines and incisors. Not only that, but future tooth loss can be addressed through changing of this prosthetic. This process can help situations from single replacement to full-mouth restoration plans. No matter your issue, there is an implant plan!

For those in need of a full replacement, implant-supported dentures may give you a strong and reliable way to restore your original smile. These rely on an average of four posts per jaw (eight total, typically) in order to secure a set of technologically-advanced prosthetics. These have some distinct advantages over traditional dentures. No longer will you rely upon the use of glues and adhesives to keep your smile functioning. And these do not cover the roof of the mouth, which is much more comfortable to many patients!

Come In For A Brighter Future

A tooth extraction can feel overwhelming and may have you a little down. But the use of dental implants can help you to view this as a positive! To schedule an appointment, or if you have any further questions, please call Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at 763-416-0606.