What’s Causing Your Cold Sensitivity?

Cold Maple Grove MNOften, a sudden burst of cold weather will let you know that your sensitivity issue needs addressing. If you find yourself wincing every time you breathe in the winter air, then it might be time to see a trained oral health professional.

Many different issues can lead to dental sensitivity, so it is important to identify where the concern is coming from. A common source of these sensations is the wear and damage to the strong surface of our teeth, known as the enamel. This alone can be caused by many activities, from grinding to overuse of harsh whitening procedures. Infection within the structure can also lead to immense pain that should be treated immediately. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist outlines the need for information in fighting your tooth sensitivity issues!

A Damaged Surface

Our enamel provides our mouth’s function and protection. This is the external portion of the tooth, which we see and use every day. This is also what we brush and maintain. But over years of use and infection, this surface may become weak or sustain damage.

Bruxism, or the act of grinding or clenching, can lead to damage, as well. This can lead to serious oral health concerns, so you should not ignore it. The tops of our molars and incisors may wear down enough that the root becomes exposed. This can cause pain that may require surgery to correct.

Maintenance Is Key

Sensitivity can also come as a result of tooth decay, which might become so deep that it exposes the interior. If you not only feel pain through temperature, but also when eating sweet things, this may be the cause of your condition. When your internal systems are exposed to the elements outside, this infection can move into your mouth.

The most common solution for this situation is a root canal surgery procedure. This method includes a pulpectomy, where your oral surgeon removes the fleshy portion within your tooth. They then seal the connections to your jaw using a putty known as gutta-percha. This surgery is quite effective at relieving pain.

Check Your Gums

Another area that can lead to serious oral health concerns is through periodontal disease. This is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue. When this material is irritated, it can pull back from its natural spot, leaving a pocket between gum and tooth.

Infections grow quickly in this location, and are often hard to eliminate. Other activities like using tobacco and drinking alcohol can also further this disease. If you currently smoke or vape, there is nothing better for your oral health future than getting help in quitting!

Find Out More Today!

Find the root cause of your dental sensitivity! This can help you relieve your discomfort quickly and with less stress. To schedule an appointment, or if you have any further questions, please call Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at 763-416-0606.