3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Smile Free Of Cavities

Is your current oral hygiene routine going to keep you completely free of cavities? When tooth decay becomes a problem, it makes treatment from your dentist necessary, as the damage done by a cavity is permanent. To avoid dental decay, you should have a daily routine in place that focuses on both cleaning your smile and limiting your intake of sugar. If you have had problems with tooth decay in the recent past, or if you just want to make sure you remain safe from trouble that requires restorative dental work, a review and an adjustment of your routine can help.

1. Make Sure You Swap Out An Older Toothbrush For A New One

As you continue to use your toothbrush, the bristles will gradually wear down. This becomes a problem because it leaves the brush less capable of effectively cleaning your smile. If you have had the same brush for more than three months, or if the bristles are beginning to look worn down, pick up a replacement and let go of the old brush. A new soft-bristled brush can help you effectively clean your mouth, though you should remember to floss once a day in order to effectively clean between your teeth.

2. Choose Water Over Flavored Drinks When You Dine

People frequently choose soft drinks to pair with their lunches and dinners. These beverages are trouble for your teeth for several reasons. In addition to their high sugar content, they can weaken teeth because of their acidity, and they are able to leave stains in our enamel that can cause embarrassing discoloration. If you choose water instead of soft drinks and other flavored beverages at meals, you will be able to reduce your exposure to sugar. Water also helps wash away food debris that can stick to teeth when you eat, and it will help you stay hydrated, which helps your body to naturally fight bacteria and cavities.

3. Rely On Teeth Cleanings To Keep Tartar Off Your Smile

If tartar deposits form on your teeth, they will stay on your teeth until you have them cleaned by your dental hygienist. This is one reason you should consistently schedule regular dental exams. At each appointment, harmful tartar deposits are removed so that they cannot create problems with tooth decay or gum disease. Without regular cleanings, they remain in place and continue to do damage that can make the placement of dental fillings and dental crowns necessary.

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