Orthodontic Treatment Doesn’t Have to Mean Braces

There are very few patients who enjoy having braces. Most braces options aren’t exactly discreet, which means you have to deal with them showing up in photos for the length of the treatment — which can be up to two years. Then there’s the discomfort that comes with braces. The brackets and wires can cause you pain at different times throughout treatment, and of course, cleaning them is certainly a pain. While some cases of misalignment definitely need braces, there are other cases that can be corrected with a lower impact method. Invisible aligners are orthodontic treatment options that comes with less hassle than braces.

Invisible Aligners Are More Comfortable and Easier to Clean

Braces are designed to use pressure to force your teeth into alignment, In cases of severe misalignment, your teeth need a strong apparatus to provide that pressure: braces. In more minor cases of misalignment, invisible aligners can achieve the same thing. Invisible aligners come with many benefits that braces don’t. Aligners can be removed briefly, making it easy to clean the aligners themselves and your teeth. Invisible aligners also don’t need to be bonded to your teeth, so they’re not going to cause damage to your enamel. Aligner options are worth exploring if you want a straighter smile without braces.

Invisible Aligner Options Can Be Tailored to You

Invisalign is one of the most popular aligner options because it is discreet and comfortable. Your Invisalign aligners won’t stand out in social settings or photos, so you won’t feel like you have to hide during treatment. Red White & Blue Clear Aligners are another option to straighten your smile slightly. This method is fast and cost-effective if your teeth need only slight realignment. Six Month Smiles is yet another option, and this one actually functions like braces. However, the components are made of clear plastic, making them more comfortable and discreet.

Orthodontic Aligners Work Well for Adults Who Want Straighter Teeth

Invisible aligners are typically a good option for adults whose jawbones and teeth have stopped growing. Aligners can straighten your teeth to give you a beautiful smile, without requiring you to wear braces for years. For pubescent and pre-pubescent patients, braces are often the better option, because they can guide the growth and shifting of these patients’ teeth and bites. To determine whether or not aligners will work for you, you’ll need to talk to your dentist.

Elm Creek Dental Provides Invisible Aligners

The appearance of your smile can affect your confidence, and everyone deserves to have high confidence. If you’d like a straighter smile, talk to our team at Elm Creek Dental. Our staff can evaluate your individual circumstances to determine whether aligners (and which type of aligners) would be best for your smile. You can learn more during an initial consultation by contacting Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.