3 Tips For Safer Brushing

Yes, you know that your toothbrush should be made with soft bristles, that you shouldn’t brush too hard or it can damage your smile, and that you need to do a thorough job. However, have you ever though about where your toothbrush has been before you put it in your mouth, or whether you’re practicing dental hygiene under sanitary conditions? While your immune system can most certainly handle a bit of bacteria, you don’t exactly want to inundate it! Let’s make sure you’re taking the small steps you need to ensure a clean brushing environment.

Tip #1: Keep Hands Clean

Pump some hand sanitizer into your palms or wash your hands thoroughly before you go for it with your dental hygiene. This is important for both brushing and flossing. If you know anything about keeping yourself healthy during cold and flu season, for instance, you know that keeping your hands clean is one of the number one ways to keep harmful germs out of your body. So, don’t brush until you clean those fingers.

Tip #2: Keep Your Toothbrush Clean, Too

If your brush is yucky then your dental hygiene is going to help clean your teeth but it will also introduce bacteria into your mouth that won’t be offering you any advantages. To keep your brush clean, make sure you rinse it thoroughly after you brush. Then, allow it to air dry. Replace it after about three months. Simple.

Tip #3: Don’t Let The Toilet Fool You

An open toilet lid is more dangerous than you might think! Just like you can drop your phone in there on accident, you can also lose your brush. One more detail: The bacteria in there become airborne when you flush. So, keep it closed to prevent contaminated dental hygiene products.

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