Can I Brush Away Discoloration?

4When you take a look in the mirror one morning and you don’t think, “Wow, what a pretty smile!” but instead think, “Goodness, my smile looks awfully yellow!” you might assume you need to brush harder. You might think it’s time to brush more frequently. However, what you might not realize is that what you really need is teeth whitening. Learn more to avoid frustration and wasted time!

Yes, You Can Remove Immediate Discoloration

Let’s say, for instance, that you just ate a cherry lollipop that has coated your smile in an exceptionally vivid shade of red. You may certainly brush it away with your toothbrush and toothpaste, revealing your whiter teeth underneath. Perhaps your teeth look greyish from a glass of wine. When you’ve just consumed something, you can stop those staining particles from working their way into your teeth and leading to lasting discoloration. Remember to floss, too, and you’ll remove even more pigmented particles from between teeth and beneath your gumline! As you know, this type of issue does not require teeth whitening or cosmetic care.

No, You Can’t Remove True Discoloration

Now, let’s talk about what happens when you have been indulging in those stain-causers and your teeth have become discolored. While you might think some aggressive brushing will work, it won’t. The stains are within your dental tissue, not resting on top, so you need cosmetic care like teeth whitening to remove them (or something like veneers to camouflage them). Plus, keep in mind that vigorous brushing will only yield damage and irritation.

Achieve Whiter Teeth With Cosmetic Care

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