Do Your Teeth Feel Clean?

Keeping your teeth healthy is a matter of microbiology. You have to thoroughly remove the microscopic bacteria that build up on every surface of your teeth. Since you can’t see this threat, it can make it difficult to know how well you’re cleaning your teeth. You don’t want to rely on the sight of a dark cavity on your tooth to let you know you’re not getting the job done. While microbiology may seem complicated, keeping your teeth healthy can actually be simple. It’s good to ask yourself, do your teeth feel clean? If you can feel the film of bacteria on surfaces of your teeth, you may need to try brushing again.

Strive for that Just-Left-the-Dentist Clean Feeling

You know the feeling your teeth get after a professional cleaning, right? They’re all incredibly smooth and clean. Your dental hygienist will typically clean and polish your teeth during routine visits using professional tools. While it may not be possible to have that feeling after every instance of teeth brushing at home, it’s a good goal. Your teeth feel particularly great after a cleaning because they have had all of the bacterial buildup removed from them. Learning how to recognize that feeling and thoroughly clean your teeth will serve you throughout your life.

Are You Using an Electric Toothbrush at Home?

How can you work toward that clean teeth feeling? It starts by using the right tools. You may have perfected the art of brushing your own teeth. You may take your time and consciously reach every possible surface in your mouth. It’s still probably not as good as using an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes wipe away bacterial buildup with a vibrating action that is difficult to simulate when brushing by hand. You can use an electric toothbrush to deliver extensive cleaning to teeth and areas of the mouth that are particularly difficult to reach.

You Can Use Other Products to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Brushing your teeth thoroughly, and at least twice a day, goes a long way toward preventing cavities. If you’re someone who is genetically predisposed to developing cavities, you may consider brushing your teeth even more frequently, like after meals. You can also use additional products to keep your teeth clean. Dental floss helps you get between teeth and keep your gum line healthy. You can also use mouthwash to sanitize your mouth. These products will be most effective when used in conjunction with a strong brushing routine.

Schedule Biannual Checkups at Elm Creek Dental

In addition to your own home care program, you need to make biannual visits to the dentist for cleanings and examinations. At Elm Creek Dental, we want patients to feel comfortable and cared for. We will answer all of your questions about oral health and set you up on a preventive schedule that keeps cavities away. Schedule an appointment by contacting Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.