A Better Experience with Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is an amazing technology that provides many benefits to both dentists and patients. Dental lasers are precise tools that can be used in a number of capacities when treating dental patients. Whether you’re coming in for a preventive visit, you need a cavity filled, or you need to treat gum disease, a dental laser can likely help. Laser dentistry increases precision for dentists, and reduces discomfort and recovery times for patients. Dental lasers are  a win-win for everyone involved. It’s time to learn about how dental lasers can create a better experience for you.

Dental Lasers Remove the Need for Incisions

In the past, incisions were a necessary part of dental treatment — they’re a significant component of many internal medical treatments. If you need to reach a tissue beneath the surface of the skin, you have to make an incision. The same is true for treating a condition like gum disease or accessing the roots of a tooth. Incisions can be painful, and they have to heal after they’ve been made. Laser dentistry gets rid of incisions. A dental laser can often be used to access areas beneath the surface of your gums and kill any bacterial growth.

Dental Lasers Can Also Remove the Need for Anesthetic

Many restorative dental treatments involve cleaning bacteria out of an infected area and placing a restoration in or on top of the tooth. To counteract the pain that you might experience with restorative dental treatment, you dentist may give you localized anesthetic. Because dental lasers don’t require painful incisions, often, a dental restoration can be completed without any anesthetic. Your dentist can use a precise laser to remove the decayed portions of your tooth and sterilize it before completing the treatment.

Dental Lasers Create a Better Experience for Your Gums

Yet another application for dental lasers can be found when treating gum disease. Gum disease develops when bacteria aggregate around and beneath the gum line. This bacteria can cause the connections between your tooth and jaw bone to sever. Over time, your jaw bone can degrade too, causing you serious oral health problems. To treat gum disease before it advances, your dentist needs to access the surface of your tooth beneath the gum line. Rather than making a potentially painful incision, your dentist can use a dental laser to sterilize this surface.

Elm Creek Dentistry Uses Dental Lasers

When a dentist has more precision with their tools, they can deliver more comfortable treatment to patients. At Elm Creek Dentistry, our team uses dental lasers to reduce recovery times and make your experience better. To schedule an appointment for treatment, contact Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling 763-416-0606.