How You Can Stay Calm During Dental Visits

Awareness regarding mental health issues continues to grow, which is great news for the people who suffer from them. Many of these conditions, like anxiety and depression, can have specific triggers. For a significant portion of the adult population, visiting the dentist’s office can be one of these triggers. Many people suffer from dental anxiety. This condition causes people to avoid making the appointments that they desperately need. If a fear of the dentist’s office holds you back, there is a way to help you stay calm during dental visits: sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry, and How Does It Work?

Sedation dentistry is a methodology that helps people receive the dental care they need despite their anxiety. Your dentist can use a mild sedation method, like nitrous oxide, to help you relax during dental visits. Nitrous oxide does not require you to “go under,” like some sedation methods. Rather, you will feel a sense of euphoria during the treatment. You will likely have little to no memory of the procedure after the fact. The effects of sedation wear off quickly after the procedure ends, so you can return to your daily schedule afterward.

How Can You Be Sure If You Qualify for Sedation Dentistry?

You may be wondering if there are certain risk factors or health considerations that need to be made before you use sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide is a viable treatment method for almost all patients. Your dentist will want to look at your medical history and current health to be sure, but it’s likely to be a good fit. If you suffer from anxiety when making dentist appointments, or while attending them, you should inquire about sedation dentistry. Your dentist can walk you through the specifics of treatment to help you feel good about the situation.

Missing Dentist Appointments Has Long-Term Consequences

The main goal of sedation dentistry is to get patients the treatment that they need. It’s important to find a way to attend dentist appointments, because ignoring these appointments can have long-term consequences for your overall health. If you develop a condition like a cavity, this problem won’t go away over time — it will only get worse. It can eventually end in tooth loss. If anxiety is holding you back from making appointments, you need to look for any method you can to overcome this condition.

Elm Creek Dental Provides Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

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