Special Care For Diabetic Smiles

Smile Maple Grove MNMany Americans have either type I or type II diabetes, and that number is continuing to increase. So it is important to keep knowledge of the possible damage, even if you are healthy. Everyone knows someone with the condition, from a loved one to a coworker. And since elevated glucose can damage systems involving the blood, it has a very far-reaching effect on your health.

Your oral health is an area where this disease can be particularly harmful, if not managed appropriately. Keeping your blood sugars at their proper levels, and maintaining a varied diet can do wonders in your ability to keep your smile healthy and strong. Today, your Maple Grove, MN dentist explains the ways that diabetes can hurt your oral health. And some ways that you can ensure that you have the best chance for a bright future!

Saliva Sugars

When your blood glucose levels are elevated, your body tries to rid itself of the excess. Primarily, this is accomplished through increases in urination, and you expel sugar content through that avenue. But lesser known is the increase in salivary glucose content.

This can cause serious concerns, as you can develop bacterial infections. You are developing food for them constantly with your own biological material! Typically, your saliva is highly antibacterial, but this can be negated through this process.

Dehydration Is Another Concern

When you have high blood glucose, your body is creating a lot of new fluids, and this can take a significant toll on your hydration levels. Since the motion is also to expend as much of your water content as it can, your body does not really allow you to build up any reserve. This can be very serious, as dry mouth is a leading cause of tooth decay.

Nearly 20% of all tooth loss can be attributed to diabetes in one form or another. Since your mouth is not producing enough saliva to constantly wash away intruding bacteria, they can remain and start to build colonies in your mouth. These create highly acidic waste that eats through your enamel.

Watch Your Levels

This leads to cavities and ultimately root canals and extractions. In order to avoid this, please keep as tight of a control on your glucose levels as you can. While you are in a normal range, your body acts as that of a healthy patient. So as much time as you can spend in that range, the more successful the results will be.

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