Restoration Can Help You Save A Problem Tooth

Dental Restoration Maple Grove MN Problem toothIf you have cracked or broken one of your natural teeth, take the time to speak with a trusted dental professional about repairing your smile. The longer that you wait to restore that problem tooth, the more likely you are to experience further deterioration of your dentistry. By meeting with your provider, you can take positive steps to keep your smile safe.

When you damage a tooth due to injury or decay, meet with our team of restorative dental experts in Maple Grove, MN. A beautiful new dental crown could be the solution after breaking or cracking a tooth, giving you a durable new chewing surface and keeping your natural tooth in place. If you know that you need assistance in elevating the quality of your smile, stop waiting around to speak with a dentist. When you put off seeking treatment, bacteria can take hold within the soft tissue within your tooth, and this can lead to a painful toothache that requires a root canal treatment or even an extraction. Ask your dentist about restoration using a beautiful new dental crown today!

Chipped A Tooth? Make The Effort To Meet With Your Dentist

Since we use our mouths nearly constantly throughout the day, it is almost surprising that we do not experience more chipped and broken teeth. It is important to remember that these events do happen, however. And when they do, your next step should be to make an appointment with your dentist to determine the extent of your injury.

At your appointment, your oral health provider can give you a full examination so that you know your needs. Sometimes, dental bonding is enough to repair your chipped tooth. If the damage is more extensive, though, you and your dentist should talk about your next steps in restoration to help you protect your smile.

Renewing Your Problem Tooth With A Durable Dental Crown

If your dentist suggests restoration, they may recommend a dental crown as a repair for your troublesome tooth. This is a durable cap made from sophisticated materials that acts as a cap for your natural tooth material. Your dentist will attach this custom solution to your damaged tooth, giving you a functional new chewing surface. By correcting this situation quickly, as well, you could be able to avoid more extensive repair, such as a root canal treatment. Talk to your dentist as soon as you injure a tooth!

Talk To Elm Creek Dental About Restoring Your Problem Tooth

When you break or crack a tooth, make the effort to speak with your dentist about the situation. To schedule your appointment for an examination to discuss your injury, give us a call at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at (763)416-0606!