Working To Save Your Tooth With Restoration

Sweater Pink Maple Grove MNWhen you come into the office for a routine cleaning and examination, you may receive a diagnosis that one or more of your teeth are in need of repair. This situation can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most important thing to remember is that early detection can help you to prevent the further deterioration of your smile. If you know that you need repair, do not wait to seek treatment!

At our office in Maple Grove, MN, we can help you to identify any problem areas within your dentistry, so that you understand your options in repair. When you need the restoration of a damaged tooth, speak with a trusted oral health provider about a dental crown to restabilize the site. This procedure can give you back the ability to chew with a sturdy cap that your provider cements atop your existing structure. Take the time to repair your existing tooth before an infection grows within the soft tissue; instead, be proactive with your care!

Dental Crowns Can Help Save Damaged Teeth From Further Harm

When you crack or break a tooth, it is important to talk with a trained dental professional as soon as you safely can. Even if the damage does not appear to be serious, you may have removed the layer of enamel from the area, placing you at risk of internal infection. The underlying material is known as dentin, and bacteria can move freely through this tissue.

One of the methods of repair available to you is a dental crown, which is a durable cap that renews your tooth after injury. If you have a compromised location, this could be the right move for your smile, so be sure to talk with your provider about your situation. When you wait to seek treatment, you leave yourself at serious risk!

A Root Canal Treatment Alongside Your Crown

If an internal infection has begun to take hold within your tooth, you may experience pain or discomfort at the site. When this happens, you could need an additional form of care called a root canal treatment. This includes the removal of the soft tissue within your tooth, and after this process, you will need the stability that a dental crown provides. Before your infection becomes worse, talk with your provider about how restoration can help you to renew your smile. We are here to help you maintain your existing material!

Talk With Us About A Durable Dental Crown In Maple Grove, MN

For more information on how a dental crown can help you to regain control over your smile, talk with a member of our team. Give us a call at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at (763)416-0606!