Q&A: Why Am I Experiencing Damage?

whyworldAre you trying to make sense of the different reasons you have had to come in to see us for restorative dentistry treatments? Perhaps you think to yourself that you take pretty good care of your smile, so why on earth would you ever need a dental crown? Maybe you take poor care of your smile but your spouse (who practices exceptional dental hygiene) has experienced more hygiene-related issues than you have. True, maintaining the health of your smile can seem a bit confusing. However, it can also make a lot of sense when you’ve got a solid foundation. Let’s explore.


Sleep Apnea Q&A: Daily Choices

Q&AbulletinAre you sure about the best daily choices you can make for your sleep apnea? Perhaps you have already begun relying on sleep apnea treatment but you are not completely sure about how dedicated you need to become to this form of therapy. Or, maybe you would like to make some good choices throughout the day to make sure you do not contribute to the obstruction of your airways but you don’t really know how to make the best effort. Let’s clear this up a bit with a Q&A session. And, as always, please ask remaining questions during your next visit with us.


Q&A: How To Care For Your Toothbrush

q&AfabricAmong the many things you may wish to bring up during your visits with us, do you have questions about keeping your toothbrush clean? Don’t be embarrassed! This is a very common area of concern that directly affects your oral health. If your brush is too old or becomes dirty, you will certainly not reap the same benefits with your dental hygiene as you would with a clean, fresh brush. Let’s highlight the important details through a friendly question-and-answer session.


Is It Possible to Prevent Gum Disease?

is it possible to prevent gum diseaseAlthough gum disease affects nearly 80% of adults in America and is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, you might be glad to learn that the affliction is highly preventable. As a progressive illness, gum disease begins as a minor bacterial infection, which can be reversed so long as it’s detected and treated before the infection becomes full-blown gum disease.

Fortunately, protecting the integrity of your smile isn’t necessarily difficult. In fact, you can prevent gum disease with good hygiene and a little diligence. (more…)

Composite Fillings: 3 Reasons To Feel Elated

reasonsblocksSo, you have recently visited us for a dental checkup and we found tooth decay. As a result, we suggested that you set up an appointment to receive a tooth-colored filling to address the cavity and restore your oral health. The good news is that you recognize that this restoration is different from an amalgam filling. The not-so-wonderful news is that you may not know why we expect you to be so excited. Learn a bit more about the benefits of composite fillings, so you better understand what the future has in store for your smile.


The Rundown On Restorative Care

toothbandageAre you trying to decide whether you really need restorative care or if choosing to repair your smile isn’t actually necessary? Fortunately, we can help you feel more certain regarding when you need to schedule a dental visit for your oral health – and when the decision to see us is all your own. By learning more about restorative dentistry and how it can help, making decisions for your smile will soon become second nature.


The Clear Way To Align Your Teeth

clearbracesclosedHow do you feel about your smile? You might receive teeth whitening, bonding, and all manner of cosmetic treatments that allow each individual tooth to look lovely. However, if your teeth do not stand in alignment with one another, you may continue to feel less than confident about your entire smile’s appearance. To unite your teeth in a beneficial formation (one that allows you to achieve a straight smile), you may wish to consider choosing Invisalign treatment. Allow us to provide you with a few good reasons why you should.


Advantages Of Dental Contouring

womanthumbsupsmileAre you interested in finding a way to make your smile look more pleasing to yourself and others? Is the primary concern the fact that you need to smooth particular areas to achieve improved tooth shape – or to address concerns with smile consistency? If so, dental contouring provides a wealth of advantages when it comes to addressing minor esthetic problems. Allow us to more thoroughly explain those benefits, so you know whether contouring can improve your grin.


Dental Bonding: Major Benefits

benefitsblocksAre you in the process of finding a way to improve the beauty of your smile because of small concerns you are tired of seeing in the mirror? This is an extremely common complaint that we hear from patients – often from individuals who are worried that their esthetic problem is not severe enough for treatment. Rest easy, we can help you with dental bonding. Already interested in bonding but you are curious about additional details? Consider some major benefits as you plan to improve the beauty of your smile.


Cosmetic Dentistry: A Quiz

quizblueAre you wishing you could find a way to make your smile look less yellow, more uniform, or altogether dramatically improved? If so, you may make a wonderful candidate for cosmetic dentistry. However, if you don’t know much about this area of dental care, you might find yourself feeling somewhat hesitant to learn more. Take a quick, detail-packed quiz to see if you happen to know more than you think (or to gain a foundation regarding what to expect from cosmetic care).