3 Hints For Effortless Smile Care

tipshintsIf you’re wondering why you feel like the only person struggling with dental hygiene and keeping your smile healthy, there might be some easy answers. Patients who get by with what feels like effortless care are often in on some very easy to follow details that can make all the difference in the world. Fortunately, your oral hygiene and other requirements are going to remain exactly the same. It’s just a matter of making a few tweaks to your approach.


3 Tips: Choosing Hygiene Products

tipsrainbowDo you feel like you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to purchasing dental hygiene products? What seems to be the issue at hand? Are you so accustomed to choosing the same stuff over and over that you never really considered giving other items much thought? Perhaps you’re just not sure what to select or how to approach the buying process, so you remain a creature of habit and stick to your comfort zone. Whatever the particular reason, we are happy to assist you in branching out a bit! Consider a few tips that will help you choose the hygiene products that will work best for you.


Are You At Risk For Oral Cancer?

oral cancerThe unfortunate truth is that anyone can develop oral cancer. It is one of the most common forms of skin cancer. Another unfortunate truth is that one person dies of oral cancer every hour of every day. Oral cancers are included within the group of head and neck cancers, and comprise of close to 85 percent of that category. Oral cancer is particularly dangerous because the patient may not notice it, or be aware of what to look for. The death rate tends to be high for this type of cancer for that very reason–late discovery. The good news is that when discovered in its earliest stages the survival rate is 80 to 90 percent. Although anybody can develop oral cancer, certain people are at higher risk than others.


What Is Malocclusion?

What is Malocclusion?Malocclusion is a word dental professionals use when teeth do not line up properly. It is sometimes called “bad bite.” Sometimes malocclusion can be a cosmetic issue, and other times is can be both cosmetic and functional. Malocclusion can affect speech, the ability to eat comfortably, and even breathing. Most cases of malocclusion are heredity, although it can be caused by habits like thumb-sucking. Injury to the teeth or jaw can also cause malocclusion. Depending on the cause of the malocclusion, your dentist can offer restorative or cosmetic solutions to bring teeth into alignment. (more…)

Why Teeth Need Cleaning

why teeth need cleaningOne of the first habits we’re taught as children is how to properly, and consistently, brush and floss our teeth to prevent dental issues from forming. However, as adults, time and life may have diluted the importance of keeping your teeth clean, until you develop a toothache or your dentist tells you that your teeth need treatment. The truth is that professional teeth cleaning is only a small part of the services your dentist offers, but it’s one of the most important, regardless of your age. (more…)

Yes, You Need To Brush Your Tongue

womanwonderingredThe answer will always remain: Yes, you need to brush your tongue. Brushing your tongue is an essential part of your dental hygiene. Rest assured, we understand that you might not fully understand why this is so important – or how you should go about brushing this oral organ – which is why we are prepared to provide you with a full rundown of helpful details. Ready? Here we go!


Toothbrush Q&A Session

toothbrushblondewomanHow’s your dental hygiene going? Do you feel like you have gotten everything completely sorted out and you know exactly which type of toothbrush best suits your needs? Or, do you feel like you’re getting closer to streamlining the experience but it sure would be nice to learn just a bit more about choosing the right brush. Lucky you! We have created a helpful Q&A session, so you feel much more confident with your choices.


OTC Whitening: Questions And Answers

OTCHave you come to the conclusion that it’s time to receive teeth whitening, so you can feel confident and happy about the way your smile looks? Are you hesitating to contact our practice to schedule a visit because you think it might be more convenient to purchase OTC whitening products that you keep seeing at the store? If so, we suggest you take a quite stroll through our question-and-answer session – it will provide you with the answers you seek. (Hint: Now would be a good time to call and schedule your cosmetic consultation with us).


Quiz: The Truth About Cavities

quizchalkDo you assume that a cavity is just something that happens if you don’t brush and floss correctly? While it’s true that avoiding good dental hygiene can certainly lead to tooth decay, the development of decay is a bit more multi-faceted. This is why some people who seem to miss brushing quite often never develop cavities – and while some who take wonderful care of their teeth do develop them. Let’s see what you know with a quiz. It might even clear up a few questions along the way.


How To Address Your Sugar Intake

sugarcubesspoonYou know that the more sugar you eat throughout the day, the more often your mouth becomes an acid environment that essentially attacks your teeth. The more frequently these acid attacks occur, the greater your chance of experiencing tooth decay. Good news: You’re not the only person in the universe who has a major penchant for all things sugary. Even better news? We have some helpful suggestions that will keep you from over-indulging, so you can feel good about your efforts in protecting your oral health.