Find the Right Aligner for Your Teeth

Braces are an inevitability for some patients. When your teeth are significantly misaligned, it can cause issues for your bite that lead to premature wear and difficulty cleaning. However, not every case of misalignment calls for braces. In some cases, the misalignment is more cosmetic than anything. That doesn’t mean you want to just deal with crooked teeth throughout your life, and you don’t have to. Orthodontic aligners allow you to straighten your teeth with a shorter timetable and more discreet options than traditional braces. You just have to find the right aligner for your teeth.

Invisalign Is a Discreet Alignment Option

If you’re familiar with aligners, you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. Invisalign clear aligners are designed to be discreet. Traditional braces use brackets and wires that are not only uncomfortable, but they’re incredibly noticeable. With a treatment timetable of up to 2 years or more, braces can feel like a big, undesirable commitment. In cases of severe misalignment, braces are still the best option, but in more minor cases, Invisalign aligners work great. With a series of aligners that you change out every so often, your teeth with subtly be pushed and pulled into alignment.

Red White & Blue Clear Aligners Are for Mild Misalignment

Invisalign aligners aren’t the only aligner option to straighten your teeth. Red White & Blue Clear Aligners achieve a similar effect that focuses more on the esthetic aspects of your smile. If your misalignment is minor, and more a matter of cosmetics, then Red White & Blue Clean Aligners might be the right option for you. The treatment timetable and affordability of these aligners are great, and they can make the entire experience more comfortable and easy.

Six Month Smiles Act Faster Than Normal Braces

Another quick-acting alignment option for a straighter smile is Six Month Smiles. This alignment option actually uses brackets and wires like traditional braces, but they’re designed to align your teeth much faster than conventional braces. The brackets and wires are clear, so they still offer the discretion that you’re looking for as you choose a cosmetic treatment. Imagine having a straighter smile that’s easier to clean in just six months. That’s 3-4 times faster than traditional braces act.

Explore All of Your Aligner Options to Find the Right One at Elm Creek Dental

If you want straighter teeth without the hassle and discomfort of braces, then it’s time to explore your aligner options. During a consultation visit to Elm Creek Dental, your dentist can assess your situation and determine whether clear aligners will work for your teeth. Then, you can start treatment to create your ideal smile. Schedule this initial consultation appointment by contacting Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.