Conservative Remedies For Smile Flaws

The flaws that hurt your smile can stand out even if they are caused by relatively minor issues. For example, a small chip or crack in a front tooth can interferer with the symmetry of your smile and make you feel doubtful about your overall appearance. You could also have problems with a tooth that is naturally misshapen, the wrong size, or even the wrong color, a disruption that can attract unwanted attention and take away from the total quality of your smile. While it can be frustrating to see a small problem have such major consequences, it can be a relief to know that a conservative dental procedure may be all you need to put embarrassment behind you! Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you with your cosmetic concerns. Our treatment options include conservative services such as dental bonding and contouring work, which can make the changes you want while only requiring limited work on your tooth structure. Because this approach leads to improvements without permanent restorations, it can also be completed in as little as one visit!

We Can Pinpoint And Treat Embarrassing Smile Flaws

By singling out a specific issue that hurts the quality of your smile for cosmetic dental work, we can discuss treatment options that can lead to welcome overall improvements. It can take less time and work than you expect to deliver your desired results. One reason for this is that we have the option of moving forward with dental bonding and contouring treatment. By doing so, we remove the need to place permanent restorations in order to make improvements. This can cut down treatment time to as little as one appointment!

Using Dental Bonding And Contouring Services To Improve Your Appearance

What can you actually change by proceeding with a dental bonding and contouring treatment? One of part of your care, the contouring procedure, will help reduce the size of a larger tooth. It can also be beneficial for reshaping one that stands apart because it appears jagged or uneven. The bonding procedure will hide concerning chips or cracks, problems with your tooth color, and even issues with teeth that are undersized or not aligned properly with a neighboring tooth.

Talk To Your Maple Grove, MN Dentist About Addressing Your Smile Flaws

A single flaw that affects a single tooth can be enough to seriously disrupt your smile and rob you of confidence in the way you look. Fortunately, conservative cosmetic services are available to take on these problems and give you renewed confidence in your appearance. If you would like to learn more about how we can provide these improvements and restore your confidence, reach out to Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at 763-416-0606.