Should You Be Worried About A Tendency To Grind Your Teeth?

Stress can cause several physical changes and responses. One response to stress is teeth grinding. In isolation, this can be nothing more than a brief shift in how much tension you feel in your jaw. If you continue to grind and clench your teeth, or if you are grinding your teeth throughout the night, it can lead to serious consequences for your smile! At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, patients who find themselves regularly clenching or grinding their teeth can discuss treatment options. A custom night guard can keep your teeth safe against this issue, often referred to as bruxism. We are also prepared to restore teeth that have been worn down or damaged over time by your problems with this condition.

Bruxism Can Lead To Worrying Dental Damage

People who struggle with bruxism can experience persistent pains, stiffness or soreness in their jaw, or even problems with gradual wear and tear. Your teeth may start to take on a flat look, or appear misshapen, if you let bruxism go untreated. In time, you may experience even more harm. The force you apply when grinding or clenching can weaken your enamel and put pressure on it to the point of chipping or cracking! This can lead to problems with your smile as well as your oral health.

Using An Appliance To Stop You From Grinding Your Teeth At Night

While you can take a moment to relieve tension in your jaw during the daytime, you are not able to correct instinctive grinding while you are sleeping. To deal with bruxism effectively, you can wear a custom guard that keeps your teeth apart while you are resting. Your dentist can provide a custom appliance that you put in place before bed – when it is inserted, it will keep your teeth apart so that you are not able to wear them down.

Are You Already In Need Of Treatment For Dental Wear And Tear?

If you respond to problems with bruxism in time, you can have the matter addressed with a custom guard before visible dental damage occurs. For those who have already experienced damage, your dentist can discuss cosmetic or restorative dental services. Cosmetic dentistry provides more conservative treatment options that improve the shape, size, and color of teeth. When damages are too serious for cosmetic work, we can recommend the placement of dental crowns to offer structural as well as cosmetic support.

Talk To Your Maple Grove, MN Dentist’s Office About Bruxism Treatment

Should you be concerned about bruxism and its effect on your teeth? If you are experiencing symptoms that suggest you should, our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office can help! To learn more, please call Elm Creek Dental at 763-416-0606.