Modern Dental Technology May Surprise You

If you’re still having a bad experience at the dentist’s office, it may be because you’re not visiting the right office. Of course, a good experience at the dentist is a matter of care environment. Offices that feel warm and welcoming instead of clinical can put you at ease. It’s also a matter of how the staff treats you. Are they attentive and quick to answer any questions you may have, or are they cold and dismissive? Finally, modern dental technology can make all the difference. In fact, it may surprise you how much modern dental technology can improve your experience.

A Welcoming Environment Helps You Relax

Many people have a poor perception of the dentist because they’ve received poor care in the past. If you feel uncomfortable and nervous because of the office environment, that’s a failure on the part of the dentist. A dentist’s office should be welcoming and comfortable, encouraging you to take ownership of your oral healthcare. The staff should be courteous and accommodating to make sure you feel like you have agency during the process. Finally, a strong dentist’s office environment should also include technology that gives you a better experience.

Laser Dentistry Is Technology that Caters to the Patient

Does your dentist use laser technology? Laser dentistry represents a huge stride forward in oral health care. Dental lasers can be used to make a number of treatments easier and more comfortable. Dental lasers can be used to sterilize oral tissues. That means that your dentist can effectively clean out a cavity with a dental laser, eliminating the need for local anesthetic in many cases. Using the laser as a disinfectant can also drastically reduce your risk for infection and your recovery time for many procedures.

Laser Dentistry Can Treat Gum Disease

Dental lasers can treat cavities and clean teeth that need restorations like dental crowns. Laser dentistry can also be used to effectively treat gum disease. The dental laser can act as an effective tool for scaling and root planing. This is the process by which your dentist removes bacteria from the surfaces of the roots of your teeth, beneath the gum line. Your dentist can also smooth the roots of your teeth so that they form clean connections with your jawbone after treatment.

Find Comfortable Care and Modern Technology at Elm Creek Dental

At Elm Creek Dental, we want to provide the best experience to patients possible. That’s why we strive to create a welcoming environment, and we embrace modern dental technology. Come see how much better dental lasers can make your experience. Schedule an appointment for general or restorative dentistry at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling our office at 763-416-0606.