An At-Risk Tooth May Be Saved with Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the name given to the treatment which cleans your tooth’s root canals. This vital portion of the tooth is responsible for the overall health and wellbeing of your tooth. The roots are the portion of the tooth beneath the gums that hold the tooth firmly in place within your jaw. The root canals are the interior portions of the roots which carry nerves and blood vessels to the heart of your tooth and vice versa. When your root canals become infected with bacteria, you need a treatment to remove this bacteria and heal these areas. You need root canal therapy.

Why Are Infected Tooth Root Canals So Dangerous?

While the crowns of your teeth get most of the credit — they’re responsible for chewing and your dazzling smile — they’re only a small part of your tooth structure. The roots of your tooth give them the stability and bite power that you utilize on a daily basis. When the roots become compromised, it can be dangerous for the stability of your tooth. Additionally, infected root canals pose a risk to other oral tissues. Since the root canals are like thoroughfares for nutrients, they can also allow bacteria to spread to other oral tissues. Infected root canals are potentially dangerous to other teeth.

An At-Risk Tooth Needs the Restorative Power of Root Canal Therapy

A tooth with infected root canals isn’t doomed. Root canal therapy can allow the tooth to recover. Root canal therapy is a process by which your dentist carefully accesses the roots of your tooth. Your dentist will make a tiny hole through which they can access the canal inside. Your dentist will then gently extract all of the bacteria that has built up in your root canals. After cleaning the canal, your dentist will fill the hole with a biocompatible substance that prevents bacteria from getting back inside. Finally, your dentist will cover the vulnerable tooth with a dental crown to give it additional protection.

Teeth That Aren’t Treated Can Fall Out or Pose a Risk

For some individuals, visiting the dentist is no easy task. You may feel anxiety about potential treatment. It’s important to note that doing nothing will only lead to more problems. If your tooth needs root canal therapy, it needs it now. By treating your damaged tooth you can avoid the spread of infection and the potential loss of the tooth. Be sure to follow up with any recommended treatment as soon as possible.

Treat Your At-Risk Teeth at Elm Creek Dental

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