Are You Giving Your Gums the Same Attention as Your Teeth?

Almost everyone is taught at an early age how to care for their teeth. You know that you should be brushing at least twice a day, using a soft toothbrush head, and flossing regularly too. However, are you giving your gums the same treatment? It can be easy to focus on the teeth when cleaning because you can feel and see the surfaces of your teeth. A fuzzy feeling means that bacteria is growing, and everyone wants to keep those surfaces bright and white. Bacteria can still wreak havoc on your gums though. You need to make sure you’re caring for this part of your mouth.

Brush Around the Gum Line to Remove Bacteria

The crown of your tooth is only a small portion of the overall structure. The crown is also the chewing surface, and a noticeable part of your smile. The roots of your teeth extend deep beneath the surface to hold the tooth in place. Bacteria can build up around your gum line, causing gum disease and infection on the roots of your tooth, beneath the surface of your gums. You should be brushing around the gum line to remove bacteria from these areas. Direct your strokes away from the gums to disrupt the formation of bacteria.

Periodontal Treatment Can Heal Infected Gums

Gum disease is marked by chronic inflammation around the gum line. You’ll notice a red area, swelling, and pain as characteristics of gum disease. This is gingivitis. Gingivitis is a product of bacterial aggregation, but instead of seeing a cavity like you would on the surface of your tooth, your gum tissue becomes inflamed. If you develop gum disease, you can treat the condition with a periodontal cleaning. This type of cleaning is known as “scaling and root planing,” and it can allow your gums and teeth to heal.

Scaling and Root Planing Removes Bacteria and Smooths Roots

The first step in a periodontal cleaning is “scaling.” Scaling is the process by which your dentist physically removes the bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth beneath your gums. Using a precise dental laser, your dentist can drastically reduce the amount of discomfort you experience and your recovery time after treatment. Once your dentist has cleaned the surfaces of your teeth, they will perform “root planing.” During this part of the treatment, your dentist smooths the surfaces of your roots to create a clean connection between your teeth and your jawbone.

Receive a Periodontal Cleaning at Elm Creek

Gum disease can have serious consequences if left untreated. Be sure to thoroughly clean your gums to keep bacteria away. If notice the signs of gingivitis, schedule an appointment for scaling and root planing right away. To make your appointment for a periodontal cleaning at Elm Creek, contact the office in Maple Grove, MN by calling 763-416-0606.