What You May Not Know About Implant Dentistry

There are a number of different reasons why you may lose a tooth as an adult. Most commonly, the wear of tooth decay over time can destroy the structure of a tooth. If a tooth gets to a point of degradation beyond repair, your dentist may advise extraction for the health of your other teeth. Some people also experience physical accidents that can break or knock a tooth out of place. When you do suffer tooth loss as an adult, you need a prosthetic solution to replace the tooth. Dental implants are the superior choice in most cases. Here is something you may not know about implant dentistry.

Dental Implants Can Actually Be Helpful for Your Jawbone

Your jaw holds all of your teeth in place. The strength and integrity of your jaw keeps your teeth from moving, and allows you to chew food. When a tooth goes missing from your jaw, the remaining teeth may shift into the open space. This can weaken your jaw and the integrity of your bite. Dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone. The implant fully replaces a missing tooth to prevent any shifting of the teeth after the procedure. Dental implants are the only prosthetic option that can actually prevent jaw bone degradation.

Dental Implants Restore Your Bite Power and the Appearance of Your Smile

Because dental implants are secured in your jawbone, they allow you to use your prosthetic tooth like you would a natural tooth. You can eat the foods you like with virtually no restrictions. You don’t need the messy adhesive that can come with dentures, and you don’t have to worry about slipping or shifting while chewing. Dental implants are a solid replacement option. Further still, the implant is completed with a dental crown, so the prosthetic tooth will match the appearance of surrounding teeth, making it a discreet option as well.

You Need to Replace Your Missing Tooth

Dental implants may not be the right prosthetic option in every scenario, but you do need to replace any missing teeth as quickly as possible. When your teeth move, it can create an uneven bite that leads to abnormal pressure being placed on certain teeth. This leads to premature wear. Missing teeth can create a shift in your bite, but they can also open your other teeth and gums up to infection. This is especially true if tooth decay was the original cause of your tooth loss. You need to remove all bacteria buildup from the area to ensure that your other teeth don’t face similar problems.

Ask About Implant Options at Elm Creek Dental

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