Fix Your Smile and Your Oral Health with a Restoration

Restorative dentistry is an ambitious branch of dentistry that takes a multi-faceted approach to caring for your teeth. Dental restorations’ primary function is to repair damaged teeth and give you back the quality of life that you experienced before your teeth suffered said damage. Part of that restoration includes giving you a semblance of the esthetic appearance your natural teeth had as well. Great dental restorations can achieve both a functional and esthetic repair that you love. It’s time to fix your smile and your oral health with the right dental restoration.

Dental Bridges Restore Missing Teeth

If you suffer extensive tooth decay or an accident leads you to lose a tooth or a series of teeth, you need to replace those teeth as soon as possible. A dental bridge is a restoration that can do just that. Dental bridges use the structure of your surrounding teeth to hold a prosthetic in place of missing teeth.

Dental Fillings Repair Teeth That Have Suffered from Decay

Dental fillings are the most common dental restoration. Almost everyone needs a dental filling at some point. Using a resin, metal, or ceramic material, your dentist will fill in the hole left behind in your tooth by bacterial decay. Tooth-colored fillings are subtle and allow for esthetic recovery.

Dental Crowns Fix Smiles and Protect Teeth for the Future

Dental crowns are useful tools for dentists because they address any number of problems. They are fabricated based on measurements of your actual teeth, and they cover a severely damaged tooth to keep it from suffering further damage.

Root Canal Therapy Preserves Teeth That Suffer Serious Infection

Root canal therapy is used to remove infection that has spread to the roots of your tooth. With weakened tooth roots, your tooth may be more likely to fall out. Infected canals can also transport bacteria to other oral tissues, creating even more health problems.

Elm Creek Dental Will Pair You with the Right Dental Restoration

Elm Creek Dental is here to help you address any and all oral health concerns. You can find the right dental restoration for your situation by working with the team at Elm Creek Dental. Whether it’s a bridge or a dental crown, your teeth can make a full functional and esthetic recovery from whatever is ailing them. To schedule an appointment or consultation, contact Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.