How to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is nothing new, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Plenty of adults feel uncomfortable making and attending appointments at the dentist’s office. The cause usually traces back to a bad experience as a child — either with the care environment or the care itself. You may also develop dental anxiety if you stop seeing the dentist. The fear that your dentist will find several cavities when you do finally make another appointment may keep you from getting the care you need. Here’s how you can overcome your dental anxiety and get your oral health back on track.

Overcome Your Dental Anxiety with Mild Sedation Dentistry

Your dentist actually has the tools to help you feel comfortable during your visits. Your dentist ultimately just wants to make sure that you receive the care you need. That’s why sedation dentistry has become a popular solution for patients with anxiety. Your dentist can use nitrous oxide to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during visits. You’ll remain conscious, but have little-to-no memory of the procedure afterward. The effects wear off quickly after the visit, so this treatment won’t derail your entire day.

Working Around Your Dental Anxiety Is Important for Your Overall Health

Dental anxiety can be a compounding problem. You stop going to dental appointments because you feel anxious about them. Then the fear that your teeth are falling into disarray worsens your anxiety and makes you even less likely to make an appointment. All the while, your teeth may be developing cavities or worse. Don’t lose out on the preventive care that you need to stay healthy. Explore your options for sedation dentistry, and start making appointments with confidence.

Elm Creek Provides Sedation Dentistry to Help You Get the Care You Need

Elm Creek Dental is comprised of a team of friendly professionals who want the best for your oral health. Ask about options for sedation dentistry so that you can feel comfortable in the dentist’s office once again. You can inquire about these services and make an appointment by contacting Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.