Straighten Your Teeth Without the Distractions

Who doesn’t want straight teeth? Straight teeth create a beautiful smile in which you can feel confident. However, most adults have misaligned teeth, which is totally natural. The biggest barrier to achieving that beautiful smile is often the treatment. Few adults are willing to endure 18-36 months of braces. Many pre-teens are even reluctant to sign on for braces! What if you could straighten your teeth without the distracting metal gear in your mouth? Invisible aligners actually make that a possibility. It’s time to learn more.

Invisible Aligners Gently Straighten Your Teeth Over Time

Aligners work like traditional braces in that they gently apply pressure to your teeth to push them into place over time. The main difference with invisible aligners is that they don’t have the conspicuous appearance that traditional metal braces do. You won’t have to force a mouth-closed smile or feel the need to explain your dental situation to others. Invisible aligners provide the discretion that you’re looking for. They also provide some practical benefits that will make you happy.

The Metal Wires of Braces Cause Problems and Frustration

Traditional braces are bonded to your teeth and fixed by a series of wires. That means they’ll stay in place throughout the treatment. This makes it more difficult to brush your teeth and enjoy food while you have the braces. Aligners can be removed during meals and while you brush your teeth, making hygiene much easier. Since traditional braces cover up surfaces of your teeth, this can also lead to discoloration across your teeth after treatment. You could even do damage to your teeth with the traditional option. Invisible aligners are the way to go.

Elm Creek Will Fit You for Invisible Aligners

Elm Creek Dental wants your treatment experience to be the best it can be. That’s why Dr. Carter and his staff will take care to develop a treatment plan that works for you. Invisible aligners can help you achieve the straight smile you’re after as an adult. Make an appointment for a consultation by contacting the Elm Creek Dental office in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.