A Dental Implant Can Turn Your Life Around

You don’t have to let tooth loss slow you down. It can be easy to get hung up on the negatives after suffering tooth loss. When you lose a tooth as an adult, you’ll never have that original tooth back. You may think that means hiding your smile from the world and avoiding your favorite crunchy foods. However, it doesn’t have to. A dental implant can turn your life around after suffering tooth loss. This effective, long-term replacement can give you back the structure, function, and appearance of your original tooth. If you’re unfamiliar with dental implants and you’ve suffered adult tooth loss, now’s the time to learn more.

Dental Implants Erase Negatives and Turn Things Around After Losing a Tooth

Implants are created using a biocompatible titanium post. This post is inserted in place of your missing tooth. The post strengthens the integrity of your jaw bone, and acts as a sturdy foundation for your tooth replacement. Your dentist can then add a dental crown — that reestablishes the appearance and function of your missing tooth — to the top of the implant to complete the tooth replacement. Now, those negative feelings about your tooth loss are gone.

You Can Expect a Confidence Boost After Receiving Dental Implants

When things change, you adapt — it’s human nature. However, tooth loss isn’t something you just have to deal with for the rest of your life. You may not even realize the ways in which tooth loss is holding you back. Receiving dental implants will boost your confidence in your smile, and in yourself. When you feel good about the way you look, you’re more likely to assert yourself and feel confident in public spaces.

Talk to Your Dentist About the Benefits of Dental Implants

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