Are You Missing that Clean Teeth Feeling?

The feeling you get when you’ve just had your teeth professionally cleaned is unlike anything else in life. There’s an unmistakable sensation that comes with having all of the plaque and buildup ousted from your mouth. If you run your tongue across the surfaces of your teeth, you can feel how slick they are. Even with diligent home care cleaning practices, it’s hard to capture this feeling. Professionally cleaned teeth are the best. Has it been a while since your last cleaning and checkup? Are you missing that clean teeth feeling? Now is the time to schedule an appointment. Most dental insurance plans cover twice-yearly cleanings from your dentist. Why not take advantage of that incomparable sensation?

A Professional Teeth Cleaning Creates a Good Feeling Physically and Mentally

Of course part of a teeth cleaning’s appeal is the remarkable sensation that you get afterward. However, the good feeling hardly ends with the physical sensation. A tooth cleaning should have you feeling just as good mentally. To have your teeth cleaned is to remove the buildup of harmful bacteria that wear through your enamel and cause cavities. Cleaning away plaque and tartar keeps your teeth healthy and safe from long-term problems like gum disease and decay.

Teeth Cleanings Correspond with Important Checkups

Having your teeth cleaned is only part of the experience. Scheduling these regular appointments gives your dentist a chance to check in and see what has changed with your mouth. Your dentist can point out areas of concern or share ways to improve your home care technique. Don’t miss out on a dental cleaning or the important checkups that come along with it.

Schedule Your Biannual Cleaning Today

If you could use a little more of that clean teeth feeling in your life, now’s the time to schedule an appointment. Talk to Elm Creek Dental and get yourself on the books for a cleaning and checkup. You’ll feel great physically and mentally after cleaning your teeth and getting rid of any unwanted bacteria. Schedule an appointment with Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling 763-416-0606.