Holiday Time: Keep Your Veneers Safe

holidaypicParticularly for patients who have recently received porcelain veneers, it can be a little scary to enter times of reckless abandon (also known as the winter holidays!). You know that you will be faced with a major schedule change, tons of foods and treats you are usually not presented with, and other unknowns. What’s a dedicated dental patient to do when it comes to choosing between one’s appetite and the need to protect one’s smile? Don’t worry. It’s easier than it seems.

Steer Clear Of Stains

Over the holidays, you are no stranger to the fact that the colors become quite vibrant and merry in almost all areas of daily life. From wrapping paper and holiday lights to the celebratory foods on the table, you can expect a visual explosion of deep pigments. While this creates a cozy atmosphere, deeply pigmented foods can stain your porcelain veneers. You have two choices: Avoid the foods altogether or rinse (then brush 30 minutes later) after you eat them.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure!

The holidays bring with them some foods you might not usually find within immediate reach. You’ll see bowls full of hard-to-crack nuts, crackers, cookies, candies, and tons of other delightful treats that may prove very hard to chew. Rely on tools like nutcrackers, choose the softer variety of cookies, and when all else fails: Simply avoid something that could crack your porcelain veneers.

Keep Up With Usual Care

Keeping your porcelain veneers safe throughout the holidays relies heavily on your dedication to maintaining your usual care. While you might get up late (and stay up late), you still need to brush when you get up (and before bed) and make sure you floss once every day. Simple!