3 Suggestions For Toothpaste

3balloonredSurprise! You might not have given a lot of consideration to your use of toothpaste but we are here to tell you that you may want to change your outlook! While it can seem unlikely to make mistakes when it comes to this dental hygiene product, it’s not impossible. Consider a few helpful suggestions for experiencing your best brushing sessions, so you know your smile is clean, healthy, and free of plaque.

Suggestion #1: Use Less

Well, you should only use less toothpaste if it turns out you are using too much. In general, we find that patients use more than is required for a healthy smile. When you brush your teeth (which should happen in the morning time and then for a second time when you are about to get into bed), use a pea-size serving. Don’t trust what you see on television or in ads. It doesn’t take a lot for successful dental hygiene.

Suggestion #2: Don’t Swallow It

You probably know this but it is worth explaining. We suggest you use fluoridated toothpaste because fluoride provides your oral health with advantages like decay prevention and strength. However, swallowing your fluoridated toothpaste can lead to severe gastrointestinal problems. Do your best to spit while you brush and then rinse with just a bit of water when you’re through.

Suggestion #3: Don’t Rely On It For More Than Cleaning

Do you think you may have gingivitis? Are you upset that your teeth are stained? If you need toothpaste for anything more than daily dental hygiene, it is time to give us a call. What, then, should you make of toothpaste with features like whitening, tartar control, or gingivitis formula? These are all preventive features. If you’re already experiencing a problem, your toothpaste won’t help. Only professional care can repair the issue.