How An Oral Appliance Addresses Sleep Apnea

As long as you have difficulties with sleep apnea, you can struggle with problems that affect your mental and emotional health, and you can experience embarrassing snoring issues that make rest harder for your partner to enjoy. People who struggle with sleep apnea may be aware that CPAP machines offer relief, but what you might want to know is that your Maple Grove, MN dentist can offer relief with a custom oral appliance! By relying on appliance therapy, you can have an easier time adjusting to treatment for your breathing difficulties. The appliance is designed to correct the position of your jaw in a way that keeps your airways clear to stop interference from affecting your nightly rest.

Is Sleep Apnea Having An Effect On Your Health?

When you sleep at night, do you often snore and make gasping, choking, or wheezing noises? If your partner communicates to you that you have these issues, it can point to sleep apnea. There are signs of this condition that you can observe during the day, too. They include problems with fatigue, a lack of focus, poorer mood, and short-term memory issues. There are also physical concerns, including concerns around elevated blood pressure.

How Appliance Therapy Corrects Issues With Sleep Apnea

By designing an oral appliance that you will wear at night, we can take on a problem with your breathing that affects you as you rest. The guard that you receive will adjust your jaw’s position so that you no longer experience obstructions that interfere with your breathing passages. When you take on this interference in your airways, you can remain at rest throughout the night, which means you complete your rest cycles and see the full benefits of sleep.

Appliance Therapy Can Also Resolve Issues With Jaw Pain And Teeth Grinding

Appliance therapy is something that can help under different circumstances. We can also use a custom guard to help with TMJ disorder and teeth grinding difficulties. An appliance can serve to realign your jaw and reduce the pain and sensitivity issues that you have. It can also be counted on to protect your teeth so that grinding and clenching will no longer cause them harm. You should know that we are prepared to help even if you have already experienced damage to your enamel because of bruxism, as we can provide both cosmetic and restorative dental services.

Talk To Your Maple Grove, MN Dentist About Sleep Apnea

Through timely care for sleep apnea, we can stop problems with your sleep from further affecting your oral health. If you would like to find out more about how we can take care of our patients, reach out to Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, today at 763-416-0606.