How Long Should You Go Between Dental Checkups?

Is a dental checkup something you need to schedule even when your teeth feel fine, or can you put off an appointment until you suspect that something is actually wrong with your oral health? When patients decide they only have to see their dentist for active concerns, they make themselves vulnerable to problems because they lose out on teeth cleanings. They are also more likely to suffer complications when trouble forms, because their dentist will not have the opportunity to spot trouble in its early stages. Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you if problems arise and require restorative dental work, but remember that we can also help you prevent these issues when you schedule regular dental exams!

What Regular Dental Checkups Do For You

By attending regular dental exams, you receive more than just an update on whether or not you need cavity treatment. At a review, your dentist will thoroughly check you for any signs of trouble like decay, gum disease, or problems with awkward jaw movement or teeth grinding. Visits also provide you with teeth cleanings that do more for your teeth than you can do at home. These cleanings are particularly important because they remove tartar buildup, something that you are not able to do for yourself.

How Teeth Cleanings Keep You Safe From Harm

Your regular teeth cleanings remove harmful tartar and plaque buildup that make you vulnerable to issues with tooth decay and gum disease. You can fight tartar formation on your own by keeping plaque off your teeth, but once deposits have formed, they will remain until your next professional cleaning. Until these deposits are removed, you can be stuck with unsightly, sticky film or debris that hurt the quality of your smile, and you face a greater risk for dental troubles.

Skipping Checkups Can Lead To Problems With Advanced Tooth Decay

If you are not scheduling dental checkups on a regular basis, you face a potential risk from cavities that cause painful tooth infections. An infection occurs when bacteria make their way through your enamel and enter the tooth’s pulp. At this point, it will take a root canal procedure to remove the infection and stop your cavity. This will be followed by the placement of a dental crown, which must completely cover your tooth above the gum line to keep it safe.

Schedule Your Next Checkup At Our Maple Grove, MN Dentist’s Office

Are you due for your next dental checkup? If you are, make sure you arrange it, as preventive visits provide important protection for your smile. To find out more about our preventive services, or to discuss our treatments for oral health trouble, call Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN, at 763-416-0606.