Put A Stop To These Common Brushing Mistakes!

If you really want to avoid problems with cavities and gum disease, you should stick to a smart and thorough oral care routine. Brushing is an important part of anyone’s efforts to prevent dental problems. With that said, some people unknowingly develop bad habits that make their routine less effective than they realize. If this affects you, it may escape your notice until you are alerted to the presence of one cavity (or several!) at your next routine dental exam! Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is here to help you stay on top of your oral hygiene needs. While regular dental appointments are important for preventing issues that demand restorative dental care, make sure your daily routine is as effective as you believe it is before problems occur!

Are You Cutting Your Brushing Sessions Short?

If you are not giving yourself the time to thoroughly brush your teeth, it can be difficult to remove the accumulated deposits of plaque that form in the course of your day. So how long should it really take you to brush? To do a thorough job, give yourself at least two minutes to fully clean your smile. This should be time enough to make sure that even the most difficult to reach spots receive attention from your brush bristles.

A thorough brushing session can reach many areas, but remember that your toothbrush is less effective at cleaning between your teeth. To remove plaque and food deposits from these spaces, make sure you floss on a daily basis!

Do You Brush Too Aggressively?

Is aggressive brushing a way to make sure your smile is clean, or will it create more problems for you? When you brush with too much force, you can create friction that starts to wear down your enamel. When this occurs, you become more likely to develop problems that demand dental fillings and dental crowns. You can also have an easier time picking up particles that stain your teeth. Remember that while relatively gentle brush strokes can remove plaque and food deposits, even forceful brushing is not going to remove tartar. In other words, aggression can create potential problems for you without a clear benefit.

Is It Time To Replace Your Brush?

A brush that has been used for more than three months, or one with bristles that look worn, should be replaced. By swapping out toothbrushes consistently, you can make sure that the tool you use to clean your teeth remains effective!

Our Maple Grove, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help You Keep Your Smile In Great Health!

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