How Does Flossing Fit Into Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

man flossingHow easy is it for you to recall the last time you flossed? If you are making this practice a consistent part of your oral care routine, you should do it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some people only take the time to floss when they feel bothered by the remnants of their last meal trapped between their teeth. If you are ignoring this part of your oral care routine, you can become vulnerable to tartar buildup, and may face a higher risk for problems with tooth decay and gum disease! Our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office can help you protect your smile through regular exams and cleanings. Between your checkups, you should have a routine in place that fully protects your smile from harm!

Flossing Can Clean Spaces A Brush Can Fail To Reach

While a good brushing routine is important, and effective at defending you against problems, it can leave the spaces between your teeth poorly supported. What this means is that you can have problems with accumulating tartar, as well as issues with your oral health, if you are not flossing as well as brushing each day. Once tartar deposits form, they will remain in place until they are cleared away. Cavities and issues with gingivitis can also result from poor care, which can lead to problems that demand restorative dental work.

Tips For Effective Flossing

If you want to make sure the spaces between your teeth are safe and clean, you should make a point of flossing once per day. On top of this, you should take care to completely clean the spaces between teeth. This can be accomplished by moving the string in a vertical motion. Flossing vertically allows you to bring the string all the way from the tops of teeth down to the gum line.

Your Diet Also Affects Your Oral Health!

What can you do to further protect your teeth each day, and avoid problems that might require dental fillings or dental crowns? Remember that your diet can also impact your general health and well-being. Finding ways to cut back on sugar during meals and snacks can help if you have struggled with cavities in the past. One thing to consider is how often you drink soda – these beverages are high in sugar, plus their acidic nature can actually soften and weaken teeth!

Elm Creek Dental Provides Oral Health Support For The Maple Grove, MN Community!

Your Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office is proud of the work we provide to help our community protect their teeth. In addition to providing routine care, we are available to help if you have an issue with your teeth or gums to address. To learn more, call Elm Creek Dental at 763-416-0606.