What Can Happen If You Try To Ignore A Toothache?

Choosing to ignore a problem may do little to help you solve it. If that problem concerns your smile, taking this approach can actually lead to new troubles! A toothache can make you uncomfortable throughout the day, and it can interfere with your comfort when you try to eat and speak. Choosing to ignore this as merely an “inconvenience” may cause you to miss signs that something is really wrong with your oral health. Toothaches can be a symptom of infection due to a severe cavity, or it can be a problem with physical trauma that affects the internal health of a tooth. At our Maple Grove, MN dentist’s office, we can work with you if you are struggling with a toothache and put a stop to the cause of your trouble!

An Infection Can Be Responsible For Persistent Pain And Sensitivity

A tooth can become infected if a cavity forms and is not treated, or after your tooth is injured. Bacteria can gather and build up inside your pulp, the central section of a tooth where living tissues are housed. As bacteria attack these tissues, you can experience pain or sensitivity that can become difficult to ignore. Simply using aspirin or other over the counter pain relievers may help you deal with the way you feel, but you should know that the problem will worsen over time if it is not treated by a professional.

Complications From Letting An Infected Tooth Go Untreated

The more time you spend ignoring the signs of a tooth infection, the more risk there is for your tooth to be lost! Eventually, bacteria can spread through the roots of a tooth and do too much harm for a tooth to be saved. At this point, the only way to protect a patient can be to perform a tooth extraction. The movement of bacteria can lead to new health problems, which makes putting off an extraction risky.

While there is a risk that an infection will cause you to lose your tooth, many people arrive for treatment in time to have it saved. With a root canal procedure, your dentist can restore the health of your tooth so that it does not have to be removed. This process takes care of the bacteria and damaged tissue within your pulp before the area is sealed. Once this is done, the tooth will be protected with a dental crown.

What Will My Tooth Look Like After Restorative Work?

If your infected tooth is hard to miss when you smile and speak, you can be afraid of the changes made by restorative dental work. You can be relieved to know that in these situations, we are able to produce dental crowns made from lifelike materials like porcelain and zirconia, which allow you to keep a tooth safe without hurting the way it looks!

Your Maple Grove, MN Dentist Can Take Care Of An Infected Tooth

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