Can Your Dentist Help You Get Better Sleep?

Everyone wants to get better sleep. They key to better sleep isn’t always more sleep — it’s often the quality of sleep that needs work. While getting plenty of sleep — ideally nine hours — each night can help you feel more rested and ready to go in the mornings, it isn’t the only factor that determines how you feel when you wake up. If you’re experiencing interruptions throughout the night as you sleep, you may never reach the state of deep, restful sleep that you desperately need. Did you know that your dentist may actually be able to help you get better sleep?

Many People Suffer from Sleep Apnea, Robbing Them of Quality Sleep

Your diet can have a big effect on how you sleep. If you eat or drink things close to bedtime, it can produce strange dreams, but it can also cause you problems sleeping comfortably. Too much screen time or caffeine close to bed can have the same effect. However, many people experience disruptions in their sleep schedule due to obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition created by your own oral tissues. When you relax and fall asleep, these tissues can relax too and create a blockage in your throat. This causes you to snore, and eventually, to wake up for air throughout the night. You may not even notice it happening.

You May Not See the Signs of Apnea on Your Own

The frustrating thing about sleep apnea, is that you may not even see the signs of it on your own. A snore can be an indicator that you have apnea, but you don’t always regain consciousness when you wake up throughout the night. You may have hundreds of apneatic episodes in a night without ever fully waking up. These disruptions will continue to rob you of restful, restorative sleep until you treat them. The first step in treating sleep apnea is completing a sleep study to determine whether or not you have the condition.

Your Dentist Can Diagnose and Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnea. You will need to complete a sleep study before it can be determined whether or not you have the condition. Your dentist can refer you to a location to complete the study, or in some cases, they may offer a take-home sleep study kit. If it is determined that you are suffering from sleep apnea, your dentist may be able to treat the condition with a custom oral appliance. This mouth-guard like appliance is worn at night to prevent a blockage in your through, and it’s far less cumbersome than a machine. 

Ask the Team at Elm Creek Dental About Sleep Apnea

When you schedule your next dentist appointment at Elm Creek Dental, be sure to ask about sleep apnea if you’re experiencing problems. The team at Elm Creek can help diagnose and treat your sleep apnea to give you the restorative rest that you need. Schedule your next appointment at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling the office at 763-416-0606.