Where Are You Experiencing Oral Pain?

You can experience oral pain from a number of sources and in a number of ways. You may see swelling and redness in your gums. Perhaps a particular tooth is hurting you. Maybe you feel sinus pressure that is related to an oral health issue. Knowing where you are experiencing oral pain allows you to relay the information to a dentist who can help address the problem with a restorative solution. If you experience significant or chronic discomfort in any area of your mouth, then you should talk to your dentist right away.

Are You Experiencing Pain in Your Gums?

Everyone has had a canker sore at some point in their life. It’s possible to experience irritation and swelling around the gums that subsides after a day or so. However, if you’re experiencing chronic pain, swelling, and inflammation in any part of your gums, this may be the a sign of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. This condition is reversible if you seek treatment for it from your dentist. If you don’t treat your gum disease, the condition can become worse, developing into periodontitis. This advanced gum disease can eventually cause tooth loss and the loss of bone mass.

Are You Experiencing Pain in a Particular Tooth

Tooth sensitivity can have a number of causes, and often the condition will subside shortly. If you experience chronic tooth sensitivity, or if you’re experiencing severe pain with a particular tooth, there may be something else wrong. Bacterial infection can appear on teeth as cavities, but it can also work its way deep beneath the surface of a tooth. When infection spreads to the root canals of a tooth, it can then transport itself to other oral tissues. That means you may experience pain somewhere in your mouth or head that is related to infection in a tooth far away.

Restorative Dentistry Can Reduce Oral Pain

Restorative dentistry includes solutions for all kinds of oral health problems. If you’re experiencing gum inflammation, you’ve got a cavity, or your infection spreads much deeper, restorative dentistry can help. Solutions like dental crowns, fillings, dental bridges, and deep cleanings can effectively remove bacteria and reduce inflammation. Getting rid of infection will also get rid of the pain you’re experiencing. Restorative solutions also give you a cosmetic repair, so that your damaged tooth won’t be obvious to others.

Treat Your Oral Pain at Elm Creek Dental

If you’re experiencing oral pain, you should address it right away. You want to feel better, and you don’t want to let infection get any worse. At Elm Creek Dental, Dr. Carter can provide a restorative solution to treat your oral pain. Schedule your appointment at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling 763-416-0606.