Your Dentist Has the Right Solution for Your Teeth

There are too many people in need of dental care who avoid the dentist for various reasons. For some, it’s dental anxiety that they’ve developed from poor experiences in the past. For others, they started missing dentist appointments and are now afraid of what the dentist might find when they do return. The truth is, the longer you allow your oral health problems to compound, the worse the consequences will be. Your dentist has a wide variety of restorative techniques that can repair damage done to your teeth. You need to reach out to your dentist to find the right solution.

Your Dentist Has Solutions for Teeth Damaged by Bacteria

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that repairs damage teeth with solutions like dental crowns, fillings, and root canal therapy. Bacteria can be a harmful force that destroys your teeth. If you have a cavity, your dentist can often remove the bacteria and place a dental filling to repair the tooth. For serious cases of damage and decay, a dental crown can cover the vulnerable tooth to protect it from future harm, while also recreating the appearance of your natural tooth.

Your Dentist Can Also Replace Missing or Severely Damaged Teeth

When the damage done to your tooth is severe, the best solution might be to remove the tooth. In these cases, you’ll need a dental prosthetic to replace the missing tooth. Your dentist can use a dental bridge to replace one, or a series of missing teeth in your mouth. Your dentist may also use dental implants to replace individual teeth and restore the bite strength you had before. Finally, if your tooth loss is extensive, your dentist may recommend dentures, which can replace all of the teeth on a dental ridge.

Avoiding Treatment Will Not Help Your Situation

The most important thing is that you take action when you experience tooth pain. If you haven’t visited the dentist for a couple of years, it’s likely that cavities are forming on your teeth. Your dentist can treat these cavities now, with simple tooth fillings, before the problem gets worse. If left unchecked, cavities can create the need for root canal therapy or compromise the integrity of your tooth altogether. The longer you wait, the more extensive your eventual treatment will need to be.

Elm Creek Dental Is Your Restorative Dentistry Home

When you have a problem with your teeth, you need a comfortable care environment and welcoming staff to help you through the recovery process. Elm Creek Dental, led by Dr. Carter, is just such a care environment. You’ll find the treatment you need to get your smile feeling and looking healthy again. Make an appointment at Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling the office at 763-416-0606.