A Dental Crown Is the Right Fit

While we all aspire to perfect dental health, we slip up from time to time. It can be easy to miss brushing your teeth here or there, or to stop flossing. However, when those mishaps turn into bad habits, suddenly, you’ve put your teeth at risk. Even with proper home care, if you don’t see your dentist regularly, you can develop problems. When tooth decay is left unchecked, you’re going to wind up with a cavity. If you have the cavity treated in time, you may only need a filling. But what happens when the tooth decay is severe enough to weaken the structural integrity of your tooth? Then you need a dental crown. This customized restoration can fortify your tooth and protect it from future harm. Here’s how dental crowns create the right fit.

Dental Crowns Are Set on top of Existing Teeth

Dental crowns aren’t quite a full on tooth replacement, because they rely on the structure of your existing tooth (or dental implant). They do protect vulnerable teeth while creating an aesthetic replacement however. Your dental crown is placed on top of a damaged or severely weakened tooth. It acts as a sort of shield against future damage, which is incredibly valuable if your existing tooth has been compromised by tooth decay.

Dental Crowns Are Created Specifically for Your Tooth to Ensure the Right Fit

Dental crowns are also literally the right fit for you because they’re fabricated using specifications from your mouth. Your dentist will take precise measurements to ensure the crown fits on top of your damaged teeth, and alongside your existing teeth. This way, your bite and the appearance of your smile stay in tact. If you fail to treat the symptoms of severe tooth decay, your problems will only get worse, so don’t hesitate when you need a dental crown.

Elm Creek Dental Is here to Help with Your Dental Crown

Dr. Carter and the Elm Creek staff want everyone to feel confident in their teeth. If you’ve suffered decay, or you’re unsure about the health of your teeth because you haven’t visited the dentist in some time, now’s your chance to reestablish some good habits. Make an appointment with Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN by calling 763-416-0606 today.