Exploring and Treating Dental Anxiety

Anxiety is a common condition for many Americans. As mental health issues become less stigmatized, there is a greater general awareness of issues like anxiety, and there are better ways to treat it. Anxiety commonly surfaces at the dentist’s office. Even if you don’t have chronic anxiety that you face daily, certain situations can cause it to activate. Whether you had poor experiences as a child, or you’re worried about the state of your teeth, having dental anxiety is common. Luckily, modern dentistry presents plenty of solutions. Sedation dentistry provides patients who experience anxiety with a way to successfully schedule appointments and receive the treatment they need. Let’s explore the causes and treatment of dental anxiety.

Exploring the Causes of Dental Anxiety Reveals Solutions

Dental anxiety has many different root causes, and it can manifest itself in many different ways. If you didn’t develop a positive experience with the dentist as a child, that relationship can carry over into adulthood. A bad or painful experience in your youth, or even just an uncomfortable care environment, may cause you to feel anxious about visiting the dentist.

If you know you’ve waiting longer than you should to schedule a dentist appointment, that can also create anxiety. If you haven’t been in for a checkup or cleaning for a couple years, maybe you want to avoid potential bad news. Taking this approach will only make the situation worse, but when anxiety’s involved, it can be difficult to take the long view.

Sedation Dentistry Offers a Relaxing Experience

The key to overcoming dental anxiety is talking to your dentist! Your dentist can provide nitrous oxide for even minor procedures if it helps you receive the care that you need. This mild sedation technique will relax you and leave you with little memory of the procedure. The effects wear off quickly afterward, so you can return to work or school.

If You Experience Dental Anxiety, Talk to Your Dentist About Options for Sedation Dentistry

Don’t shy away from the dentist. This professional can be your partner in overcoming dental anxiety. Dr. Carter and the Elm Creek staff provide sedation dentistry in the form of nitrous oxide for patients who would otherwise avoid the dental care they need. To talk about sedation dentistry and schedule an appointment, contact Elm Creek Dental in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.