Choosing the Right Filling for Your Tooth

Okay, so maybe you haven’t quite kept up on your brushing routine like you meant to. Maybe you don’t floss as often as you should. Of course genetics play a role as well. In any case, you’ve wound up with a cavity, and you need a fix. Acting at the first sign of trouble can help prevent further decay and pain, so it’s important to get your cavity taken care of right away. In most cases, this means you need a filling. With advances in modern dentistry, the process of getting a tooth filled has never been easier. Plus, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to the material for your filling. How do you make sure you choose the right filling for your tooth?

Choose a Filling Material that Fits Your Needs

Everyone has different taste and preferences, and those things will largely determine what type of filling works best for you. Of course there are gold and metal fillings. Metal fillings are typically very durable, and hold up over time. However, the shiny surface of these filling materials causes them to stand out when people see your teeth. Maybe you’re fine with that, or maybe you’d prefer a filling that blends in better.

Composite Fillings Won’t Stand Out in Your Mouth

Composite fillings are made up of a resin that matches the color of teeth. This resin is flexible before setting, but then provides a strong filling, like other materials. It’s particularly good for small to mid-size fillings. Composite fillings typically take a little longer to set than other fillings, but once it’s in place, others won’t even know you’ve had a filling. Everyone wants to feel confident about their smile. Maybe a composite filling is right for you.

Do You Need a Filling?

Then now is the time to act! Dr. Carter and the Elm Creek team will set up an appointment to evaluate any problem areas in your mouth and provide the right restorative treatment. If that treatment involves a filling, Dr. Carter has options for composite fillings so you can feel confident about your smile once more. Set up a consultation or appointment today by contacting the Elm Creek Dental office in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.