Laser Dentistry Changes the Game

Lasers are a fixture of science fiction stories and media, making them seem like some sort of distant, future technology. However, lasers have all kinds of contemporary applications, some of which you may not expect. Take dentistry, for example. Did you know that laser dentistry is available across the country? Using lasers for dental procedures isn’t about having a fancy new toy, there are actually a number of benefits for dentists and patients alike. The precision offered by laser instruments actually makes a number of dental treatments safer and easier. You don’t have to wait for the future to experience the benefits of this incredible technology. Laser dentistry is changing the game right now.

Dental Lasers Decrease Recovery Time and the Risk of Infection

Using the latest technology benefits both the dentist and the patience. With the increased precision and accuracy of laser dental tools, your dentist can work more effectively during all kinds of procedures. Lasers can be more gentle than other tools during invasive procedures, meaning that you’ll experience a shorter recovery time afterward, and likely less discomfort during the process.

Laser Dentistry Removes the Need for Anesthesia for Some Procedures

Restorative treatments like dental crowns and veneers require cleaning and pre-treatment of infected areas. Using laser dentistry tools makes this part of the process easier and more comfortable. This means that you’re less likely to need anesthesia for many procedures, saving yourself some hassle.

Interested in Learning More About Laser Dentistry?

If you’re ready to experience the future of dentistry, Dr. Carter and the Elm Creek Dental team are your go-to source. This talented staff is committed to using the latest technology to give you a superior visit. Choose laser dentistry for added convenience and safety during your next procedure. To learn more about laser dentistry, contact the Elm Creek Dental office in Maple Grove, MN at 763-416-0606.