Why You Need A Crown That Fits

Have you been complaining ever since the day you received a dental crown at a different practice? What’s the problem? If you just feel like the crown doesn’t blend well with the rest of your smile because something feels “off,” then you might discover it doesn’t fit correctly. While this might seem like a minor annoyance, it can actually lead to some serious consequences! Avoid any complications by coming in for a visit for a checkup and to talk through your options. By replacing the crown, you’ll be offering your oral health some significant protection! Let us explain why.

To Avoid Decay

An ill-fitting dental crown might leave spaces for bacteria to invade. Unfortunately, if bacteria are making their way beneath the crown and they come in contact with your dental tissue (or make their way into your tooth), some not-so-great problems lie ahead. Namely, the issue will begin with decay. Unfortunately, if it goes undetected for some time (a reason we always suggest you keep up with checkups), then infection can occur, as well. Fix the crown, so the teeth they are meant to protect actually remain safe.

To Protect Bite Balance

There’s a science and an art to placing a dental crown after thoughtfully crafting it into just the right size and shape. If the crown is just the tiniest bit off with its dimensions, it can have a bad influence on your bite (or the way your top teeth and your bottom teeth fit together). When this delicate balance changes, your approach for chewing and speaking changes. This can lead to muscle strain, TMJ (jaw joint strain), and uncomfortable symptoms that arise from such issues. Fix the crown and you can keep your comfort.

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