Electric Toothbrushes Q&A: Navigating The Details

qabuttonredHas the thought crossed your mind that trying an electric toothbrush might be a good choice for you but you’re worried you might be falling victim to advertising or a desire for fancy objects? Fortunately, you’re actually onto something! Relying on a brush other than a manual toothbrush is often a good choice for smile. To ensure you’re making wise choices for your oral health, we are happy to help you navigate this new and exciting option.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it okay to try an electric toothbrush and to use one long term? Or, is it best to stick with my manual brush?

Answer: There is no set answer for this question. Both the electric model of a brush and the manual option can protect your smile and oral health. To determine which is best for your needs, you need only to try them both and compare your results. Choosing electric is a safe and often beneficial option.

Question: Is it important that I find the most state-of-the-art, expensive toothbrush if I’m going to try an electric toothbrush?

Answer: Not at all. As long as you are thoroughly brushing your teeth with a brush that uses soft bristles, you are in good shape. There are many different choices, so we suggest doing a bit of research and testing something that seems to match your personal requirements.

Question: What if I travel a lot? Will I have to bring a manual brush with me?

Answer: Not necessarily. If you like using an electric toothbrush to protect your oral health, check out travel options. There are many slim, easy-to-use models on the market manufactured specifically for individuals on the go.